This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Current Manager Situation

When Martin O'Neill left I was disapointed however excited about the prospect of an interesting manger that would restore Aston Villa to it's former glory. However when Gerard Houllier was appointed and things turned sour, I felt like we had been done. Therefore when talks about Alex McLeish becoming the next Villa manager this summer I felt extremely hard done by and felt it could have been much brighter if Gerard coukd have carried on.

As much as I hate Alex McLeish, my feelings are that I don't care who comes in because I am a loyal Villa supporter who will keep my seat at Villa Park warm by turning up to back the boys 100% even if I don't support the manager. I literally do have claret and blue blood as people say and it will stay that way because managers come and go but as others have said fans stay through thick and thin. I don't agree with protest, of course I don't, but I do agree that we should have our say but it doesn't work like that. Fans may say that Randy Lerner listened to the fans and didn't appoint Steve McClaren but I think that's a whole lot of rubbish.

If McLeish is appointed I will try my best to make him feel welcome because I believe given the right amount of support and finical backing he could prove us all wrong and become Villas shining light.

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