This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Villa Park is an Exciting Place to be Again"

Over the years, Villa Park has become a stadium filled with frustrated, agitated fans, yet since Sherwood's arrival it's not just the team that has been rejuvenated. The fans have been too. In recent games, the atmosphere has returned and fans are enjoying having their Villa back once again.

As part of my fan interviews reviewing the 2014-15 season my second Q&A is with Daniel England, who you can find on Twitter @Dengland80.

1) What did you make of the sacking of Paul Lambert?
I was delighted. It should have happened after the Bradford City debacle. It really couldn't have got any worse.

2) Initially, what were your thoughts on Tim Sherwood's appointment?
Apprehensive. The mixed views from Spurs fans made it difficult to judge but I was hopeful we'd see some attacking football.

3) Has your opinion changed since?
I've been delighted with the impact. The improvement has been exponential, Villa Park is an exciting place to be again. He is more tactically aware than I thought he would be.

4) What do you think he's done to change things around?
The freedom given to the midfield is the most obvious, our midfielders are getting into the box and scoring. Benteke obviously, and the style of football has been great; one dimensional to a team that can change style in the blink of an eye.

Grealish, Delph and Benteke are a trio worth building the
team around.
(Kieran McManus)
5) Who has been your player of the season?
Delph has built on last year and been fantastic. Young player has to be Jack (Grealish), a brilliant impact.

6) What has impressed you about them?
Delph's energy, ability to keep the ball, drive, passion, pace and creativity. Jack's enthusiasm, ability to draw a foul, vision and attitude. Both clearly love the club and give their all. Too many over the years couldn't have cared a bit.

7) What are your thoughts on this season as a whole?
Disappointing. I spent a lot of time arguing Aston Villa were no where near as bad as our league position. It is really frustrating to see what could have been if we had a decent manager all season. Underachieved doesn't come close.

8) What are your hopes for next season?
Hold on to Benteke. If that happens there should be no reason why we can't challenge for a top 6 finish. On paper we should be as good as Southampton, Swansea or Liverpool.

9) If you could sign one player, let one player leave and extend one player's contract; who would they be?
Cleverley to sign, Weimann to go and extend Benteke.

10) Have you got tickets for the FA Cup final and what is your prediction?
Yes today! (Tuesday). Our record against Arsenal says they should win but with Sherwood you never know.

Thank you to Daniel.

If you would like to answer the ten questions, please direct message me on Twitter @m0llyfaith or email me at

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