This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Number 9: Darren Bent

On Sunday night, twitter was full of Aston Villa debate. Darren Bent debate. When one person tweets that Bent scores goals but that's it, it leads to an explosion of 'friendly discussions.'

When Darren Bent signed for Villa, let's face it; we were in a state. "I believe Villa are in a false position, they have been sixth for the past three seasons." Due to him, he made sure we were in a 'false' position - which of course we weren't, the table never lies - due to his goals, nine in seventeen games.

"Aston Villa is a massive football club and as soon as I knew they were interested in signing me I wanted to join," Bent said. "The size of the football club and the history of the club are major reasons for me coming here. There are some top, top players here too, real quality, and I've been able to speak to the manager and the chairman about their ambitions for the club, so I'm very excited about being a part of what we hope to achieve."

The arguement was about his goals:workrate ratio.

When he's not scoring, what's he doing? Is he contruibuting to the team? Only four assists in three years.

Obviously my view is; he was brought to score goals. What has he been doing? Scoring goals.

So what does he need to do?
- More involved in team play.
-Track back and help out with defence play.
-Assist goals. (On Saturday against Blackburn he did assit Gabby's goal. Food for thought.)
-Hold the ball up.

What can he do? What is he?
-A proven goalscorer.
-Moves off defenders with ease.
-Can score from nothing (As proved on Saturday.)
-He's a poacher and a predator, always waiting to pounce.

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  1. All Darren Bent needs to do is keep doing what he has done season after season.

    If he wants to stand on the half way line when we haven't got the ball, as long as he keeps scoring, that is fine by me and it should be with every Aston Villa fan.

    We've not had a striker of his ability since Yorke and we should embrace it.