This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Sherwood Brought us Back into the Light"


As the 2014-15 season draws to a close, Aston Villa face Southampton and Burnley before the FA Cup final on May 30th. After a turbulent time under Paul Lambert, there is now renewed hope under Tim Sherwood, with a feel good factor flowing through fans and players alike. Who would have thought this time last year that Lambert would no longer be at the club and Villa would be at Wembley for the second time in six weeks? With that in mind I've been asking Villa fans via Twitter to do a quick Q&A reviewing this season.

My first interview was with Lewis Raybould who you can find on Twitter; @LewisRaybould.

1) What did you make of the sacking of Paul Lambert?
100% agreed. I thought he should have gone earlier than he did. We were so negative as a team and I felt that was because of him. He had to go.

2) Initially, what were your thoughts on Tim Sherwood's appointment?
I didn't think he was the right person, I thought there may have potentially been better options but I wasn't so opposed to it at the time.

3) Has your opinion changed since?
Yes, I love him. I'm amazed by what he's done to the same team.

4) What do you think he's done to change things around?
He has a positive approach and he's managed to rally the players and all the fans together and get behind him and the team. It's paying off massively.

Ciaran Clark's demanding displays at the
heart of the defence has turned him for zero
to hero during this season's campaign.
5) Who has been your player of the season?
It would be between Clark and Hutton, but because of the way Clark has improved this year, I would give it to him.

6) What about young player of the season?
I think it's hard to overlook Jack (Grealish) for that one. Under Sherwood he's been brilliant and proved to be a first team player.

7) What are your thoughts on this season as a whole?
The start was great. Then it spiralled into hell before Sherwood brought us back into the light. But under Sherwood my thoughts are that we look like a team that can go into any match with a shot of winning and that's awesome.

8) What are your hopes for next season?
If we can get top 10 next season and then build upon that then that would be great.

9) If you could sign one player, let one player leave and extend one player's contract; who would they be?
During Milner's time at Villa he scored
22 goals, with many fans wishing for a
return to Villa Park
(PA Wire)
I'd love to see Milner back, Weimann can go and I'd extend Benteke's contract even further!

10) Have you got tickets for the FA Cup final and what is your prediction?
Despite working there for three years I don't have the chance to buy one. I say 4-3 Villa, Delph (2), Benteke and Westwood.

Thanks to Lewis for his time.

If you would like answer the ten questions, please direct message me on Twitter @m0llyfaith or email me at

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