This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something a little different, Jesus' crucifixion

Your probably thinking it's not Easter so why am I putting this on but it's for an RS assessment and wanted to know what you all think of it. It's from a person in the crowd's view of Jesus' death.

Dear Diary,
I witnessed a crucifixion, not just any, Jesus’ crucifixion. He was one of the only that treated me as an equal; as a normal person.
As hundreds gathered outside, waiting for the Procurator to announce the important declaration people began to whisper amongst themselves. The rumours of the release of Barabbus and death of the Lord Jesus. Those saying that Jesus has threatened established order, proclaiming he was “King of the Jews”.
As the Procurator raised his voice for all to hear, the world fell silence. Until whispers filled the silence “Save Barabbus, let him be free.”
Blood running down his face, staring towards the rising crowd silently as Pilate declares Jesus believes himself as “King” as the biggest up roar goes out. However when it comes to deciding the outcome, guards and soldiers stare into each other eyes anxiously. I could see it scattered across their faces; they knew letting Barabbus free was the wrong decision. Of course, like most they didn’t like what Jesus had claimed himself to be, but the thought of an assassin they’d already captured on the loose once again wasn’t ever going to be the best option.
The people’s minds already made up, Jesus was to be crucified. With shouts from behind asking “Who’s the King now?”
I couldn’t let this happen but how was I to stop them? All I could do to show my appreciation to what Jesus had done for me was make sure I was there, for every painful moment of it.
Coming out already strapped to a plank of wood, weighing him down, he could hardly lift his head. Women screaming in disbelief, just as I did. I couldn’t see why this was happening to a man who made miracles happen, changing people’s lives. How couldn’t others see that? How come some could only see that if his last minutes? How come some only saw that when he was in his greatest pain, being dragged to a cross to die?
He screamed in pain as he was hauled to the floor, nails being drove into his hands. Lifted up, to form the cross, more nails being drilled into his feet, to maintain that posture. I couldn’t watch, I couldn’t watch such painful scenes. I’ve seen other crucified for bad deeds, but never have I seen a true King crucified for being a great man who planned to make the world a better place for everyone to be equal. For everyone to be equal to God.
I watched Jesus intensively and watched him say in a strained voice: “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” Blessed by what he was saying, I heard someone shout whilst crying “You’ve saved others, why don’t you save yourself now?” Why didn’t he save himself? Surely he has had the power to save people like me, so he must have the power to save himself.
He never once thought about himself, he always thought about others.
Groaning in pain he says “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit, it is accomplished.” His head falls, as his heart stops beating.

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