This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Friday, June 17, 2011

Time to be supporters, time to get behind the team, time for change

So McLeish was appointed this morning. I missed the whole saga, stupidly leaving my phone on charge and forgetting to pick it up. But I know what the minority would have said; moaning and being a person who couldn't care less about anything other than making everyone's lives hell. However, the majority would be like me and just look at it from the perspective of a fan who lives and breathes claret and blue.

I've always said that I'll support Villa throughtout the good times and the bad, that's the whole journey. So when McLeish left Blues it was always on the cards. I would have wanted Sparky, Ancellotti, Moyes or Rijiard but that wasn't going to happen.

From when all the rumours flew round about a walk over the other side of the city, I always had Gerard Houllier in my head. Of course there'd be protests, of course there would be fickle fans, of course there'd be a whole fan war but I was hoping people would realise that this would be a repeat of Houllier's season. I didn't want it to be that way but there was no stopping it.

I hope for the club and for our new manager that those sane fans out there give him a shot as Sir Alex Ferguson said. At the end of the day he's been appointed as our club's manager and we can't do anything to change. Therefore, we have to do the positive things.

You have to admit, McLeish is one of the most braviest Premier League manager out there, the one that has the guts and the balls to throw himself across to his rivals to get chewed at by the ears until we've won the first couple of games. And those fans are fickle anyway.

I will get behind the team from day one of the season 2011/12 because I'm an Aston Villa supporter. Its who I am and what I do. I'll be keeping my season ticket and travelling to as many games as possible and hopefully the first game of the season at Fulham. Even if I don't have any respect for the manager I'll be there!

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