This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


With Ashley Young's deal to Manchester United already set in stone and Alex McLeish already accepting the fact that he's gone and focusing his attention on keeping Player of the Season Stewart Downing.

Ashley Young is one of those inconsistent players that will have his really good games and when he has his off-day it is very off. For me, as a fan, I'm glad he's got a team that's willing to have him and he's following his ambition of Champions League football and winning medals. Part of me will miss him because he is a big asset to Aston Villa but the other part of me won't miss him because he does just fall over a blade of grass and moans, groans and whinges at any oppurtunities.

So with Stewart Downing our only experienced winger, other than Marc Albrighton, left I'd be doing everything in my will to keep him; even though he's said things that as a supporter you don't want one of your players to say after saying that he loved where he was.

If he leaves, I will be disappointed, more so than when Young goes. I'm not sure why because last season, I pretty much disliked him from start to finish. But this season he's come to his best and had a great season under Gerard Houllier, skined full-back after full-back, scoring goal after goal, putting crosses after crosses in and assisting so many claret and blue goals.

When the worst comes to the worst, I'd like to think we'd get a good replacement, someone like Matt Jarvis. I'll leave on that point.

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