This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shay a Given?

Looks like Shay Given is on his way after reports saying Manchester City have accepted our £4m bid for the no. 2 goalkeeper. Medical today? Signed by tomorrow? Who knows but I hope it'll be a good signing and we'll be able to keep him fit all season.

Then there's N'Zogbia who we've bid £9m for. Possibly rejected. Not sure he's worth £10m but if we have to pay that he's a good enough player to replace Downing. Who has annoyed all Villa fans tremendously because of the way he left!

What about Parker I hear you ask? Well, he'd be an amazing signing and Alex McLeish haters may just turn their heads slightly. Great sign of ambition from McLeish, Lerner and the club. Would love to see him or Petrov break Downing's other leg in December. But yeah, back to Parker, love to see him wearing the Villa claret and blue beauty! Awesome signing for us if we do get him.

And finally back to an old flame. His name has been thrown around a few times but I'd love Milner back. I hated the way he left and the way he went for the money. Just another typical footballer but I'd do anything to bring him back, to have him score those amazing goals.

Anything's possible!

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