This Is Villa Park

This Is Villa Park

Thursday, August 04, 2011

It's All About The Name On The Front Of The Shirt, Not The Back.

Derby County 2-0 Aston Villa

When I wrote that there ^ I felt like writing Aston Villa XI because the team that played was pretty much a reserve team with an academy bench. However, as the title says: 'It's all about the name on the front of the shirt, not the back.' So I'm not going to complain about the players because most of them probably and as seen from most last season are quality. Aston Villa Football Club just didn't perform to the standards we expect as fans.
The first half looked okay. The chances we created weren't bad at all but there was not enough service for Bent. There was the odd cross from Albrighton, towards the end of the half looking dangerous and threatening but never reaching Darren. Chris Herd's crosses when he was able to make them were really of a high standard and if someone had their head on it we would have been 1 or 2 nil up.

Unfournately wee Barry Bannan didn't look great at all, I suppose it wasn't his day. Wandering from his flank and instead of crossing, he was coming onto his weaker right foot and then passing across the edge of the box. Again that was the problem, passing along the edge of the box, like Arsenal and not shooting. Then when someone eventually shot it was pretty awful. Or very weak, take Marc Albrighton as a prime example for that one.

Again we missed a leader. In Darren Bent, you as a fan get a little warm tingly feeling inside - well for me - when you see him walk out with the captain's armband but as much as we've been contemplating Petrov as our captain; he was missed once again. He is a natural leader. End of.

I don't mind Alex MxLeish fielding a weakened side in pre-season and resting the team for Braga and then him saying that we were second best in the seond half. Being open and honest is the key but then you do find yourself questioning why you travelled all the way to Derby to watch an unstrength side.

To finish I just wanted to add how I am impressed by Stephen Ireland once more. When his passes went to the player they looked classy and really skillful and his movement around the pitch whilst playing in the hole is impressive. I just hope he doesn't get injured again.

C'mon you Villa boys!

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